Honored at the State Capitol

On May 22, 2019, our team headed up to Sacramento at 5:00am to be recognized for our participation and achievements during the 2019 FRC season along with the Iron Panthers, Madtown Robotics and Citrus Circuits. On the steps of the Capitol we shared the message of FIRST with Gavin Newsom, our Governor, and our legislators who came out to watch the California teams in action. We were truly honored to be recognized for our participation and success during the 2019 FIRST FRC Destination Deep Space season.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, mentors, and parents as well FIRST California for their support this season. Because of you, we were able to design, manufacture and build a competitive robot that took us all the way to fourth place overall as the alliance captain after winning the Galileo Division at FIRST’s Houston Championships.