Destination: Deep Space - Week 4 Updates

Week 4 Updates:

Over the past two weeks the router, mill and Markforged 3D printer have been humming. Students have been busy working on finishing up CAD in SolidWorks and assembling the robot! Code is also well underway, waiting anxiously for the first opportunity to try it out on the new robot. Other subteams including vision and the Custom PCB group are making great strides to be completed on time. We may even have our bumpers done before build day!

With Woodie Flowers and Chairman's being due on Thursday 3pm Eastern Time, we're in good shape to submit! It's been a lot of fun working with Team 3132 Thunder Down Under this season on this.

We also had fun hosting the Springer Elementary School Girl Scout Troop #61663 last Saturday as part of their STEM badge work. They came with great questions and had the opportunity to try out some of our software and equipment. In just a few years, hopefully they will be students here hosting the Girl Scout Troop visit! During their downtime, students have been supporting teams who have contacted us from around the world with their coding and mechanical questions. It has been great to help and share our experiences with those teams.

Stop Build Day, February 19, when we must put our competition robot in a bag and can't touch it until our first competition, is rapidly approaching and then comes our first Regional in the middle of March in San Francisco, followed by the Utah Regional at the end of March. None of this would be possible without our generous sponsors including Markforged and SolidWorks!