Destination: Deep Space - Week 2 Updates

Week 2 updates:

It has been a busy two weeks in Team 971's lab. On January 5, the new challenge was released, Destination: Deep Space (which you can view here.) During the past two weeks, the team analyzed the rules, worked on strategies, prototyped, tested, and developed the plan for this challenge. While work on CAD continues, manufacturing started. This past weekend we completed the drive base and sent it out to our welding sponsor, Creative Manufacturing Solutions! Thanks to all our sponsors who have made this season possible!

The various subteams, including coding, awards, and outreach have been hard at work as well. As part of our commitment to supporting all teams of FIRST, students and mentors have been volunteering to help answer questions at the Compass Alliance Call Centre. We have also had fun helping other teams we mentor or contact us directly with their technical questions.

The team meets in the lab on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This coming weekend, we are looking forward to more work on CAD, manufacturing, assembly, coding and outreach!