2018 Competition Season has Started!

Exciting Times for Team 971!

Before the 2018 FRC Power Up season began the MVHS Engineering Department and Team 971 received a grant from the MVLA Foundation and purchased a gently used CNC Mill which is set up in the Engineering classroom. We also received from Markforged, a Mark Two 3D printer. With the addition of these new tools, we have had the opportunity to train many team members on their use and have been able to mill and print many more pieces in house as we Power Up for the new competition season!

It has been an exciting time since we watched the 2018 game reveal for the first time. Since then many hours have been spent on prototyping, designing, creating CAD, manufacturing, kitting and finally assembling the various subassemblies for our 2018 competition robot.

Stop Build Day was February 20, 2018. A dedicated group of students, mentors and supervisors, as well as family members willing to keep them all fed, have spent many hours working on this new robot. We can’t wait to try it out at our first competition at the San Francisco Regional, March 16 through March 19. Then we will head to the Silicon Valley Regional, at the San Jose State Event Center on March 29 through March 31.

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