Chezy Champs!!

As always, Chezy Champs was a fun competition.  There were great teams there in a relaxed and fun environment.

971 took their "third robot" to its inaugural event and exceeded all expectations.  Our third robot was a student design project undertaken over the past summer. It was very ambitious and hugely developmental for our team. The hope was that it would get finished for Chezy Champs and have a respectable showing at the competition. The robot was finished the week before the competition and a new drive team had one weekend of practice. The result was that the robot worked consistently throughout the competition and the drive team just got better as the weekend progressed.

We were picked by the #2 ranked team, 3476 - Code Orange from Orange County, and teamed up with team 968 from West Covina. Our alliance ended up winning the competition in some very exciting final matches. The final match was one of the most exciting of the season with the final score 318 to 314. Our alliance won by 4 points ... just a little less than the value of one pool noodle.

Videos of some of our matches can be seen on YouTube.  The elimination matches were exciting but match #35 is fun because it shows one of our stacks balanced precariously on the step for about 3 seconds before finally settling.

Our next event is CalGames at Lynbrook High School on October 2-3.