What a blast! MadTown ThrowDown 2014

This year's ThrowDown had some of the most exciting matches in FIRST this year. Thank you RC and team 1323.

We had a great time in Madera at the MadTown ThrowDown.  Thanks to RC and the rest of the crew on team 1323 at Madera High School for hosting such a great event.

FRC 971 had three robots competing in this competition - 971, 9971, and 8971. 8971 was our off-season robot that was finished just in time for this competition. All three robots were in the elimination matches with 9971 on the #1 alliance with 1678 (Citrus Circuits from Davis) and 9073 (2073, Elk Grove's second robot), 971 on the #2 alliance with 2813 (Prospect High) and 9498 (4498 from Sacramento's second robot), and 8971 (our off season robot) on the #4 alliance with 2135 (Presentation High) and 1323 (Madera High School).

The final elimination match looks like it was the highest combined score for the entire 2014 season. Check out the two final matches of the #1 alliance (1678, 9971, and 9073) against the #2 alliance (254, 973, and 9671).

Final Match #1

Final Match #2