Sacramento Regional

971 Bagging Picture

We will be competing at the FIRST Sacramento Regional in Davis from Thursday, March 13th, through Friday, March 15th. There will be 55 teams from around California attending with their ~120lb robots which were designed and built in the six week period following the first weekend in January. Robots were bagged on Tuesday February 18th and regionals have been running since February 28th in the US and Canada (there is also one regional each in Israel and Mexico).

The 2014 game, Aerial Assist, is played by two alliances of three teams each. Alliances compete by trying to score as many balls in goals as possible during a two-minute and 30-second match. Additional points are earned by robots working together to score goals, and by throwing and catching balls over a truss suspended just over five feet above the floor as they move the ball down the field.  The game itself is described in the game animation and rules.

The Thursday (3/13) of the regional will just be a practice day and we will be working primarily on making sure the competition robot is up and running (and inspected) and then getting in as many practice matches in as possible: The main focus of the regional on Thursday is getting all the robots up and connected to the field system, and there will be no actual matches (just practice). The official qualification matches start on Friday and continue through Saturday morning—the qualification matches determine a seeding ranking based on our win/loss record, and we then go into alliance selections Saturday during lunch where elimination alliances are decided. We then play eliminations Saturday afternoon and the final winning alliance is decided. After the completion of the tournament is the awards ceremony. A more detailed agenda can be found here, although depending on whether there are any issues, the regional could end up running a half hour or more behind schedule.

The competition is being held at

UC Davis ARC Pavilion

Corner of Orchard and LaRue

1 Shields Ave)

All matches are open to the public; if you can't make it but still want to watch, there should be a webcast available for the Sacramento regional (as well as most other regionals) on The Blue Alliance.

Parking information can be found here.


We will also be competing April 3rd - 5th at the Silicon Valley Regional held at San Jose State University. More information will be available shortly after the Sacramento Regional.