Ready for Kickoff

A clean lab

Kickoff, and with it the entire build season is just around the corner and we are going into the new season with a new lab which we moved into over the summer and more new members than ever before. The new challenge is revealed on January 4th, with the live kickoff broadcast starting at 7:30am PST. We will start off the season with afternoon meetings every day through Tuesday, the 7th (school starts up again on the 8th), and all meeting details can, as always, be found on the calendar.

The kickoff will be streamed on NASA TV and the broadcast will likely be uploaded to FIRST's YouTube page shortly after. Once the game is revealed, we will start working furiously to prototype, design, and build a robot to play in this year's game. When the game is released, we will post again with more updates, and until then we wish all FRC teams good luck in the coming season.