Chillin' at CalGames 2014

On October 5th and 6th Spartan Robotics competed at the CalGames robotics competition at Woodside High School.  This is the winning alliance taking a break between elimination matches.

For anyone who missed CalGames this weekend, it was quite an event.  Our team, 971, led the alliance that won the competition and also received an award for the autonomous part of our robot code.  Autonomous mode is the 10 seconds at the beginning of the match where the robot is running entirely without human interaction.  The judges were impressed by how we picked up and scored two balls in the high goal.

The MVHS team ended up undefeated and picked Team 846, the Funky Monkeys from Lynbrook HS, and Team 2489, the Insomniacs from Fremont, as our alliance partners.  Our alliance went on to win the competition though we had to work hard to win the semi finals against the alliance formed by Team 604, Quicksilver from Leland HS, Team 114, Eaglestrike from Los Altos HS, and Team 4186, the Aztechs from Alameda.

Thanks to everyone who helped.  There were students and adults who helped prepare the team by organizing, packing and transporting the robot to Woodside.  There were parents who drove carpools, students who worked in the pits, the drive team, the scouting team, the wireless team and all of our supporters in the stands.  We also had mentors help with other volunteer activities for WRRF during and before the competition such as setting up the field wireless communication, scoring, field reset, and queueing.

Our next event is the MadTown Throwdown on Nov 8-9 in Madera.  This is a fun event and we will be running 3 robots while we are there.