Moving In

layout of new room

With the new school year about to start, we have been busy moving all of stuff accumulated over the last 10 years from our old lab space in the science room to a classroom which the school was generously able to reserve for our sole use. We have completed much of the move, although as of this post (August 4th, 2013), we still have some stuff in the old lab space left to move and we still need to organize much of the stuff in the new lab space. We will now be right next door (there is actually a connecting door) to the Computer Science/Robotics classroom, where Ly Nguyen will be teaching Computer Science AP and the new (as of 2013) Robotics course. The new lab space, combined with the ability to utilize the Computer Science room (so long as we clean up after ourselves), should be a significant improvement on our old setup, and the school has been great about helping us to expand and in helping us move into the new room (note: the room itself is not new, we are just moving in for the first time). With the school year starting up, we will be gearing up our recruiting while simultaneously continuing work on off-season projects. The main off-season project which we are currently working on is a "third" robot (the first two being the two robots we built, one for competition and one for practice, during the regular season) which we are building to help new and less experience members to gain experience with the robot building experience. We hope to use this third robot, as well as our original two robots, at the Madera off-season event in early November. We will also be attending the Calgames offseason event on October 4th and 5th. Expect to see more updates as we get nearer to Calgames. Also, as this is the first update in about 4 months, I will also note that:

  • We were 3rd seed alliance captain and Quarter-Finalists at the Silicon Valley Regional
  • Our season debrief in May went well, noting that this was a good year for the team, although we did build a somewhat over-complex robot.
  • We would like to congratulate the World Champions, teams 1477, 1241, and 610. We would also like to congralulate team 1538, The Holy Cows, on winning the Championship Chairman's Award, the highest award in FIRST, and being inducted into the FIRST Hall of Fame.