School has started


Now that the school year has started, our meeting schedule has changed and new members have begun to attend meetings.

Meeting Times

We now meet Wednesdays at lunch and Wednesday evenings from 7:15 PM to 9:15 PM, all in room 112, in the science quad. This meeting time has changed from during the summer, when we met Monday evenings. To stay up to date on meeting times, sign up for the elist and watch the team calendar. Meeting times are subject to change should anything come up.

Events to watch for

We will be at back to school night (the 23rd of August, a Thursday), as well as club arena (a day or two at lunch in the quad when clubs can set up a table with information on their club and attract new members). Farther in the future are competitions Calgames (October) and Madera (November). Expect more information on the competitions when they come closer.

New Members and Training

After club arena, when we have some of our largest new member influx, we expect to begin serious training and involvement of new members. Until then, new members can still join and come to meetings, but there is less likely to bea structured training available to them to join in, although anyone who tries hard enough can learn more about how to be a part of the team.

More information can be found on the New Members page.

Team progress

Since the last update, the team has continued to have weekly evening meetings, and has gone to NASA for a drive day once. "Summer" projects have largely continued on their course, with nothing of particular note happening. The team is registered for Calgames, putting it on the calendar for sure. 

At the first Wednesday evening and lunch meeting, several new members showed up. Some had found their way here by signing up for the elist and hearing about the meetings whereas a few others are friends of existing members. 

The search for new machining sponsors continues, now that Berger manufacturing, our main sheetmetal (sheetmetal is a material which we use in significant amounts on our robot) sponsor, has gone out of business, and we will be needing new sponsors for next year. If you have any information which may be useful for us, please use the contact page and select "Sponsorship" as the category.