Championship Info

We will compete at the FIRST Championship event at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri from Thursday, April 26th through Saturday, April 28th. The championship event consists of approximately 400 FRC teams divided into 4 100 team divisions, each named after a famous scientist (Archimedes, Curie, Galileo, and Newton). The divisions will play out as if they are normal regionals, except that qualification matches will begin Thursday afternoon and end Saturday morning, and after the divisions conclude, then the winning alliances from each division will go on to play one another on the Einstein field in the format of Archimedes vs. Curie and Galileo vs. Newton. The winners of these matches then go on to finals and the winners are the 2012 World Champions. The action can be watched live from team 1323's madstream, and you can look at the agenda for overall times, and although the exact match schedule is not posted yet, a link will be added once it is (see update at bottom). We will be competing in the Curie division, along with many other fantistic teams, including, but not limited to, team 341, Miss Daisy, FIRST Hall of Fame team* and who has won all 4 of the regionals they have attended so far, team 254, the Cheesy Poofs, 2011 World Champions, FIRST Hall of Fame team, and who allied with us to win the Silicon Valley Regional, team 987, the highrollers, 2007 World Champions and winners of the Los Angeles and Las Vegas regionals, and also team 1678, the Citruis Circuits, who collaborated with us to form the winning alliance at Sacramento. There are many other great teams at the championship event, and there isn't enough space to list them all in this article.

The Championship event is not limited to just FRC. There will also be the FLL World Festival and the FTC World Championship for the other FIRST programs. 

Update 4/24: THe match schedule will be posted here, but until it is you will receive a 404 not found error.

*Hall of Fame teams have won the Championship Chairman's award, considered the highest award in FIRST. Miss Daisy was inducted in 2010 and the Cheesy Poofs was inducted in 2004.


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