CalGames is coming

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Check out the webcast of CalGames on the WRRF website, and find seeding rankings here, and match results here.

CalGames, an off-season competition where we will be competing in a replay of last year's game, Rebound Rumble, will be held on October 12th and 13th at Woodside High School. CalGames is run by the WRRF, and is held every year during the fall replaying the previous year's FRC game. We, 971, won CalGames last year and the year before, and are hoping to win again after an successful season during the spring. Further specifics will be sent out on the team elist as they become available. CalGames will not require anyone to miss school, as it starts after school on the 12th (a Friday).

Other upcoming off-season events

Madera, another off-season event similar to CalGames, will be held in Madera (central valley) on November 9th and 10th (Friday and Saturday). This competition is over-night duet he travel distancee and will require students to miss a day of school. We first attended the Madera off-season event last year, and we had a great time. Also of note is that, at Madera, we will be fielding two robots, acting as essentially separate teams (in other words, the two robots could end up facing of against each other in a match, which did happen last year in the semi-finals). We do this in order to provide the opportunity for less experienced members to get a chance to try out driving the robot, without preventing the more experienced drivers from getting practice.

Robot Camp recap

Robot camp, a 4 hour training meeting for new members which we held on Sunday, September 16th, went very well. We had around 18 new members show up (a significant increase over any other year), and rotated them through various training activities, with brief summaries and overviews on all the aspects of the team. We hope to do the same thing again next year, hopefully with many improvements (this was the first year we did any such training event).

Weekly meetings

We are currently holding weekly meetings on Wednesday in room 112 at 7:15 - 9:15 PM as well as giving brief presentations on lunches at wednesdays, also in room 112. For more details on meeting times and places, check out our calendar.