Madera Finalists!

This weekend Spartan Robotics finished as finalists at MadTown Throwdown! Thanks to everyone who helped make this weekend possible!

Spartan Robotics competed in another offseason competition, MadTown Throwdown this past weekend and finished as finalists. Both drive teams played extremely well, and both made it to eliminations, where our primary drive team had to play out secondary drive team to advance on to the finals. We only lost one qualification match, and were the second pick of the competition after 254 was picked by 973, recreating part of their 2011 world champion alliance. In the finals, with both alliances with one win, there were an even number of tubes up and it all came down to the minibots. 254 and 973 got theirs up first and won the final match, but everyone played brilliantly!

Everyone on the team is immensely proud of how well we played- our primary drive team put up 9 tubes in one match, and our secondary drive team played very well in both quarter and semifinals. Many thanks to parents, volunteers, mentors, and team members who helped this weekend to be such a success! Also many thanks to Madtown Robotics for putting on this amazing event!