2011 Silicon Valley Regional Semi-Finalists

scouting app

April 1st-2nd Spartan Robotics presented their 2011 robot "Havoc" at the Silicon Valley Regional. Sporting the classic lightning decals and maintaining a record of quick-scoring, "Havoc" stood out at the competition. Throughout the course of the Regional event, many repairs and debugging lessons were learned by 971 students, as the team eventually perfected an uber-tube autonomous and a speedy mini-bot. Using Nexus phones donated by sponsor Google, 971 used a slick student-created scouting application throughout all the matches, helping to make alliance selections smoother. Team 971 concluded the Regional as Semi-Finalists; congratulations go to teams 254, 751, and 1538 for the Regional title. In addition to competition success, some 971 members were honored as "Runners-up" for the Abbott Inventors' Hall of Fame Award for their unique timing belt design for the elevator, and mentor Michael Schuh earned the Woodie Flowers Award, the most prestigious mentor award in FIRST. Many thanks go to our sponsors, mentors, parents, and other supporters for helping to make this 971 FIRST season a phenomenal experience.