Build Season Kickoff!

The new challenge is out! And it is (drumroll please)...Breakaway!
It involves soccer balls being scored into 4 goals at the corner of the field. This is complicated by the two "bumps" running across the field, dividing it into thirds. For full game descriptions as well as the animation and full rules, go to for the manual and for the animation.

We had a great first day of build season, with some team members getting there as early as 7am to watch the broadcasts. The 10 am release of the challenge was followed by brainstorming and strategy sessions as well as some intense study of the rules. The team has some basic concepts for the robot and has now begun prototyping. We also took some time off to play a little soccer with our new game pieces, as well as celebrate the birthday of Hershal Patel. Happy 18th Hershal!

The team will be in the lab from 11 am to 5pm tomorrow, as well as 2:30 to 5pm every day after school and 10am to 5pm on Saturdays.

Happy Build Season Kickoff Day!
~Charlie and Teresa