Destination: Deep Space - Launch Date: Jan 5, 2019

Counting down to our new FRC challenge…Destination: Deep Space. On January 5, 2019, FIRST Robotics Competition is launching an interstellar mission to inspire a new generation to set their sights on mysterious planets – and beyond.

Ready to POWER UP

The lab is clean and ready to go for the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition!

January 6th is the start of the 2018 FRC season - POWER UP.  The kickoff webcast will start at 7:30 a.m.

Happy Holidays from FRC Team 971!

Mammoth and the rest of FRC Team 971 would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a great new year (and FRC Season).

The team is getting ready for and looking forward to the new season starting on January 3rd. The lab is being cleaned and there has been some preseason materials testing and tuning of our robot designs in anticipation of the new challenge.


2014 Game - Aerial Assist

aerial assist logo
The 2014 game, Aerial Assist, has been released

Ready for Kickoff

A clean lab
A clean slate for a new year and a new season

FIRST Robotics Kickoff!

FIRST Robotics Kickoff Buzzword Bingo has links for the kickoff video, live at 7:30am PST Saturday January 5th, and for the 2013 FRC Game Manual and Administrative Manual PDFs. Some of us watch the video from home, then print and read the Game Manual before going to MVHS. For extra fun and focus, play Buzzword Bingo during the kickoff speeches.

2011 Build Season Kick-Off!

Every year, we patiently wait for the six weeks of robotics build season to come... and they're almost here!