Kickoff is here!

infinite recharge

Kickoff is fast approaching!

On January 4, 2020, at 7:30am, the new FIRST FRC Challenge, Infinite Recharge, will be unveiled. Each year, the first Saturday in January marks the start of the new FRC season. Check out the season teaser here. The entire FRC community will be watching the webcast of the kickoff event from New Hampshire which starts at 7:00am, with the game reveal at 7:30am.

Destination: Deep Space - Off to Champs!

At the Utah Regional, we were on the winning alliance along with Team 3478, PrepaTec - LamBot from San Luis Potosi, and Team 4738, Patribots from San Diego, CA. We had a blast working with these teams. During the competition, we had a few issues that the pit crew did a great job of solving quickly. It was fun to fill the rocket and make the level 3 climb in the same match several times! Doing so earns the maximum available 4 ranking points for a match.

Destination: Deep Space - Week 2 Updates

Week 2 updates: