Madtown Throwdown 2018

Walter, this year's off-season robot officially made his debut at the 2018 Madtown Throwdown in Madera CA.

On November 9-11, 2018 Madera High School hosted another great Madtown Throwdown. This is their annual off-season competition. Spartan Robotics competed with three robots, our competition robot, 971, our practice robot, 9971 and Walter, our "third robot", 8971.

Third robot construction begins!

Thanks to Coast Aluminum for delivering aluminum today so that 971 can begin making parts for the "third" robot.

Design is nearing completion and fabrication is beginning for the robot that students have been working on all summer and fall. This is our "third" robot for the 2017 season game and will be ready to go for the Madtown Throwdown in Madera, CA on November 10th and 11th.

On to St. Louis - Hopper Division

We were regional finalists at SVR and are now working hard to get ready for the Championship event in St. Louis.

We will be competing on the Hopper division at the Championship. There are some other good teams on that field including 1678, Citrus Circuits from Davis CA, so there should be some exciting matches.

Chezy Champs!!

As always, Chezy Champs was a fun competition.  There were great teams there in a relaxed and fun environment.

On to St. Louis!

There was tough competition at the Silicon Valley Regional but we earned a spot to the Championship Event in St. Louis.

Silicon Valley Regional, here we come

Ready to strike

After some modifications, testing and practice we'll be ready for SVR.  We learned some good lessons at the Sacramento regional, we're getting ready to do even better at the Silicon Valley Regional in San Jose.

The Silicon Valley Regional will be on April 2-4 in the Event Center at San Jose State University.  The schedule is the same as our last competition and is as follows:

2011 Silicon Valley Regional Semi-Finalists

scouting app

April 1st-2nd Spartan Robotics presented their 2011 robot "Havoc" at the Silicon Valley Regional. Sporting the classic lightning decals and maintaining a record of quick-scoring, "Havoc" stood out at the competition. Throughout the course of the Regional event, many repairs and debugging lessons were learned by 971 students, as the team eventually perfected an uber-tube autonomous and a speedy mini-bot. Using Nexus phones donated by sponsor Google, 971 used a slick student-created scouting application throughout all the matches, helping to make alliance selections smoother.

What is FIRST?

FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, is a fantastic program that gives students hands-on experience in engineering and technology. Students develop skills with machinery; generate ideas for solving difficult problems; produce results under time pressure; work together as a team; and learn “gracious professionalism” as they compete with teams from other schools.