Other Robotics Programs




  • FIRST firstinspires.org

    • FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) (grades 9-12)

      • cafirst.org

      • Find your local FRC team: https://firstmap.github.io/

      • FRC is the senior level robotics competition in the FIRST family of programs. Designed for high schoolers, FRC gives teams 6 weeks to imagine, design, and iterate a 120 lb, several foot tall robot to complete a game challenge that changes every year. This program gives students the opportunity to work alongside adult mentors who help promote growth and maturity as part of the team.

    • FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) (grades 7-12)

      • FTC is the mid-level robotics competition in the FIRST family of programs. The FIRST Tech Challenge offers middle and high school students a more economical version of FRC with smaller robots and more restrictive limitations on usable parts and resources.

    • FIRST Lego League (FLL) (grades 4-8)

      • FLL is the entry-level robotics competition in the FIRST family of programs. FLL is FIRST’s partnership with LEGO in order to provide elementary and middle school students a competition that inspires them to pursue STEM in their educational career by having them design a fully autonomous robot using LEGO Technic parts.

  • VEX vexrobotics.com

    • VEX IQ Challenge (VIQC) (grades 4-8)

      • VEX IQ Challenge is VEX’s entry-level robotics competition. Designed to be the most accessible robotics platform for elementary and middle school students, VEX IQ offers a more affordable and approachable program to introduce young students to STEM.

    • VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) (grades 7-12)

      • The VEX Robotics Competition is VEX’s senior-level competition. VRC is designed for middle and high school students, where teams use parts from a provided kit to design their robot for that year’s game. VRC provides the tradeoff of custom parts for an equal playing field for teams in terms of resources.

    • Find VIQC and VRC teams and events near you! www.robotevents.org

  • Botball (grades 7-12) botball.org

    • Botball is a competition for middle and high school students developed by the KISS institute. Students in Botball use an iCreate robot alongside a secondary custom robot made of lego pieces and a provided control board to autonomously complete a set of tasks against opposing teams.