How to Join the Robotics Team

Welcome to Robotics.  In order to join the team, you need to do the following things:

Note:  The following information about the team meetings are based on a normal year.  We have just moved into a new lab space at Mountain View High School and this is very exciting.

Note:  Team registration is closed for the 2022-2023 school year.  Since the competition season begins in January, we are no longer able to support new students joining the team.  Please check back in June 2023 when team registration opens again.  The MVHS Robotics Team meets year round so there will be opportunities to participate over the summer and fall.

  1. Be a current or incoming Mountain View High School student.

    • Due to the current large size of the team, membership is limited to MVHS students.  Students who will be attending MVHS in the fall may begin attending meetings starting in the summer.

  2. Start attending team meetings and check your email regularly

    • Make sure you are on the team elist.  The signup for the elist is managed on the MVHS website and can be found here.  Enter your name and email address and select "Join" for the Robotics Club.  This is not administered by the team and if at any time you want to stop receiving elist emails, you must go back to the elist page and "Leave" the club list.  All meeting notices and general announcements go to this list.  It is a good idea to have at least one parent on this list too.
    • We meet in rooms 805 at MVHS. We meet on all year on Wednesday evenings from 7:15-9:15pm. We meet more during the season (Jan-May) and in the off season, there may be some additional meeting opportunities on weekends that will be announced through the elist. 
  3. Read the Team Rules and Expectations.

  4. Fill out the Emergency contact information form

    • Every single team member and mentor must complete the contact information form. It is imperative that we get the most current information so we can contact you properly or contact 971 others in case of an emergency.
    • Before filling out the form, make sure you have read the rules and expectations in step 1.  There is a question that asks if you have read them and it is important that you do read them.
  5. Take the 971 safety test

    • Everyone must complete and pass the safety test every year in order to use tools in the lab, take the test found here.
    • If you do not know the material, there is a powerpoint safety presentation that can be found here.
    • This is something that you can take at a meeting so that if you have any questions you can ask people.  The test covers mostly common sense safety rules but it does refer to some of the tools in the lab.
  6. Sign the Safety Waiver

    • In order to use tools and work in the lab a parent or guardian must sign the waiver. The waiver is found here.
    • Please print it out, read it, and have it signed by yourself and your parent or legal guardian.
      • You can give the signed waiver at the lab to Wyn Schuh or Stephan Massalt or
      • Or you can upload the signed waiver here: Safety Waiver Upload.
  7. Permission to be driven form

    • In order to be driven to events by an approved volunteer driver, a parent or guardian must sign the permission form. The school form is found here.
    • Please print it out and have it signed by your parent and turn the form into Wyn Schuh or Stephan Massalt.

Only when you have passed the 971 Safety Test and have turned in your signed Safter Waiver you will be allowed entrance to the machine shop area and get tool trained.