What's New

Recently, the team has been finding new machining sponsors, gotten a chapter published in Behind the Design, and will continue meeting through the holidays.

The good folks at FIRST Team 1718, The Fighting Pi, took the initiative to publish an online version of the "Behind the Design" series. We're cohosting a copy to help with their website bandwidth.

The Madtown Throwdown is this Friday and Saturday, 11/9 and 11/10
We won CalGames with the help of teams 254 and 766
Update: CalGames is underway Off-season events are approaching fast, robot camp is past, and we continue to train up new members
With the school year started, recruitment events and new member training are starting up.
The school year has started and the new members are coming in
Much has happened since St. Louis, with meetings every Monday evening and summer projects well on their way.
Team 971 had a great time at the Championships, reaching quarter finals before being eliminated.
Team 971 will compete at the championship event in St. Louis from April 26th to April 28th.