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We just finished the San Francisco Regional this past weekend. Going into finals, we were ranked first, and were excited to have Team 254, the Cheesy Poofs from Bellarmine and Team 5700, SOTA Cyberdragons from Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts on our alliance. Not only did we win the Regional, we were also honored to be awarded the Excellence in Engineering Award! By winning this competition, we qualified to attend the Championship Event in Houston on April 17-20. There is a lot to do before then. Next us is the Utah Regionals, March 28-30!

We are counting down the hours until our takeoff to Destination: Deep Space at the San Francisco Regional, our first tournament of the 2019 FRC Season. Blast off is on March 14. Our three day trip to St. Ignatius College Prep is one of our favorite places to visit! You can watch our journey and keep up with our matches here.

Week 6 Update:

Week 4 Updates:

Over the past two weeks the router, mill and Markforged 3D printer have been humming. Students have been busy working on finishing up CAD in SolidWorks and assembling the robot! Code is also well underway, waiting anxiously for the first opportunity to try it out on the new robot. Other subteams including vision and the Custom PCB group are making great strides to be completed on time. We may even have our bumpers done before build day!

Week 2 updates:

Counting down to our new FRC challenge…Destination: Deep Space. On January 5, 2019, FIRST Robotics Competition is launching an interstellar mission to inspire a new generation to set their sights on mysterious planets – and beyond.

Walter, this year's off-season robot officially made his debut at the 2018 Madtown Throwdown in Madera CA.

On November 9-11, 2018 Madera High School hosted another great Madtown Throwdown. This is their annual off-season competition. Spartan Robotics competed with three robots, our competition robot, 971, our practice robot, 9971 and Walter, our "third robot", 8971.

We are looking forward to powering up at Chezy Champs 2018! The 2018 PowerUp Offseason competition begins on Saturday, September 29 and Sunday, September 30. 40 teams over 2 days will be participating along with us at the "Best in the West" event. If you haven't seen what the PowerUp challenge was, check out this game animation for a brief overview. For detailed information about this fun event, check out the Chezy Champs website.

The Mountain View Tech Showcase is an opportunity for the team to introduce our robots to local businesses and children in the Mountain View community, alongside major tech companies like NASA, Google, Waymo, and others. 2018 was the 4th annual instance of this event - and the 4th time the team has participated! Check out http://www.chambermv.org/technology-showcase for more information about the event and stay tuned for more images from the event in the Team Photos section of the website!


We have many exciting events and projects planned for the offseason, including an Open House on Sunday June 3rd from 1-5 pm and a Third Robot project. The Third Robot is a student-led offseason project where we build a robot to compete with during the offseason.