What's New

On September 7th, Spartan Robotics hosted the third annual Spartan series at MVHS. For everyone who attended as well as those who were unable to attend, we are releasing the video recording of the 17 new talks in waves as we go through editing them. We just posted the first wave of videos and slides on our website, and the rest will be added in the coming weeks. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know when new videos are posted.

This past weekend, on Saturday, Sept 7, the MVHS FRC Robotics Team 971 hosted the hugely successful third annual Spartan Series on campus. This one day lecture series event had over 200 attendees that came from all over the Bay Area and as far away as Monterey, Dublin, and even Los Angeles, CA. Members of our team, both students and mentors, developed 24 separate presentations that included technical and non-technical subjects related to designing, building, and coding a FRC robot as well as team management, growth and much more.

Team 971, Spartan Robotics, is pleased to invite you to attend our third annual Spartan Series! On September 7th, from 10:00 am - 6:00pm at Mountain View High School, mentors and students of 971 will be hosting lectures with the goal of sharing knowledge 971 has accumulated to help your team succeed in FRC. We are so excited to have a full day of workshops, 15 new presentations, and most of all, have you attend!

We have officially completed our move to our new temporary location at MVHS.

Mountain View High School is currently in the middle of constructing new buildings. During the construction, the Robotics will be meeting in one of the temporary portables near Truman Avenue and the ball fields. Our new lab space is P5 on the map and the computer science room that we also meet in is P4 on the map. The good news is that after this phase of construction is done in 2021, the team will be moving into a new technology wing on the campus with the engineering and computer science classes.

The team will be at the Mountain View Tech Showcase on Tuesday, July 16 from 11:30am - 3:00pm at 500 California Street, Mountain View introducing Tachyon, our 2019 FRC robot to visitors as well as running a STEM booth for children. This event is open to the public and loads of fun! We hope to see you there!

This past week or so was a busy one for Team 971. On, Saturday, June 15, we had our Open House for new members. It was great to see so many new faces interested in joining our team! On Saturday, June 22, we headed over to our sponsor, Auris Health to demo our robot along with Team 5940, B.R.E.A.D., and the Battlebot, Tantrum! Later that night, we also had our annual mentor potluck.

On Saturday June 15th, from 1-5pm, we will have our annual team open house in the engineering room - room 517 at MVHS. Our current lab is currently being packed up and moved but we would love to show people as much as we can as well as talk about this great opportunity to do hands on engineering.

We invite all students who are attending MVHS or will be attending in the fall to come check out the team. If you are interested in robotics but cannot come to the open house, please contact us.

Starting this summer a new technology space will begin to be constructed at MVHS.

On May 22, 2019, our team headed up to Sacramento at 5:00am to be recognized for our participation and achievements during the 2019 FRC season along with the Iron Panthers, Madtown Robotics and Citrus Circuits. On the steps of the Capitol we shared the message of FIRST with Gavin Newsom, our Governor, and our legislators who came out to watch the California teams in action. We were truly honored to be recognized for our participation and success during the 2019 FIRST FRC Destination Deep Space season.

Capping off a great season, 971 had fun time at the Championship Event in Houston.