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  • This website did a good job explaining the various kinds of mechanisms and movements. Besides Austin who can tell me the kind of mechanism our kicker on the Breakaway robot is? Roy Dumlao, Nov 16, 2010
  • Gates is offering free timing belt to teams who want to use it on their robot. To do so, teams need to fill out the form, and work out the calculations to see if it will serve their needs.
    I've used timing belt for my senior design project, and it's really nice. It would be a good learning experience (potentially useful in the season as well) if someone wanted to work through what it would take to use timing belt on one of our robots, and compute the strengths. I'll even help out some if there is interest. 1625 used timing belt for the first reduction in a drivetrain gearbox to great effect, which is actually a nice place to use belts. They can also be used for the transfer of power from the output shaft of the transmission to the wheels. You can find pictures of 1625's setup on CD. (warning, they didn't run any math on the belts... we can do better).
    Here is a good post to get started. Austin Schuh, Nov 16, 2010