FIRST Team 971 Leadership Structure

Leadership Structure

In order for Team 971 to be sustainable, provide an enriching experience for both students and mentors and become a world class team the following leadership structure was made affective on June 1, 2012.

FIRST Team 971 leadership consists of a Leadership Council composed of the following:

  1. Club Advisor (employee of MVHS)
  2. Student leaders (example: Captain, President, Secretary and Treasurer)
  3. Four mentors selected by the Club Advisor (See Note 1)

The club advisor is authorized to recruit and empower willing students and adults to perform various functions on the team.

The Leadership Council meets twice per month during off season and once a week during build and competition season or more often as required.

Leadership Council meetings are open to the entire team. The Leadership Council will consider input from others on the team before making any decisions.

Every effort is made to make decisions by consensus but the Club Advisor has veto power over any decision.

The responsibilities of the Leadership Council are:

  1. Set Team goals
  2. Team Structure
    1. Define and refine as necessary a team structure that allows for sustainable growth
  3. Planning
    1. Plan training programs
    2. Decide on which events to participate in
    3. Make an annual schedule of events
  4. Team organization
    1. Creating an organization chart for the team
    2. Work with mentors and students to find roles that suit their capabilities and aspirations
    3. Recruit team members and parents to organize trip planning
    4. Make sure that all essential functions have assigned mentors and students (see Team Structure below). In some cases students and mentors will take on multiple tasks.
      1. Robot design and build
      2. Sponsorship and Sponsor relations
      3. Lab management, equipment and purchasing (includes packing)
      4. IT
      5. Publicity (awards, web, newsletter, T-shirts, etc.)
      6. Community outreach and school liaison
      7. Scouting
      8. Travel
      9. Training
      10. Others?

Note 1: The role of every adult on the team is to create a positive experience with the students while at the same time modeling Gracious Professionalism and guiding the students towards the vision of FIRST.

Team Structure

Each of the student leaders will take on responsibilities from the list in 4.4 above. Each student will be paired up with an adult mentor to guide them in their tasks. If necessary other students can be recruited to lead certain areas. The students will be empowered to take on as much responsibility as they wish to take. The role of the mentor is to guide, encourage and in (hopefully rare) circumstances, take up the slack when a task is not being completed.

Every student joining the team will be assigned a role or multiple roles. The Leadership Council will take an active role in talking to all students about the best fit for their particular talents and aspirations and in making assignments accordingly. Each sub-group will be assigned an adult mentor to help guide and lead the group.

Leadership Council Member Expectations

  • Attend all leadership meetings unless there is reasonable excuse, regardless must attend 80% of official meetings and check in once per week
  • Attend 5 hours/ week of team meetings at peak times and 1hr/week off peak times
  • Sign contract which details position and expectations
  • Attend 10 hours worth of competitions during the year
  • Do 5 hours of outside community service (including sponsor events, robotics community events)

Other Aspects

  • Each leader is required to talk to their advisor at least 3 times per month, preferably 1 time per week
  • Each leader is required to engage a new member in their position at the beginning of the year
  • Each leader is required to provide “shadow” assistance to one other aspect of the leadership structure