Sub-team Leader Expectations

Productive and effective sub-teams are an essential part of a high performing FRC team.  FIRST 971 sub-teams are formed as needed and their leaders are expected to do the following.

  • Provide a mission plan for the sub-team and metrics for when it is successful.  This can be short like "Research, recommend, obtain authorization for purchase from Leadership Council, and purchase a new CNC Mill and Mill tools.  Provide safety and training materials.  Completed when approved by the Leadership Council."
  • Attend Leadership Council meeting to provide a status update and findings (e.g. update on CNC Mill research) or provide updates via email before the meeting if you cannot attend it.
  • Oversee the group itself.  Organize team members and meetings.  
  • As needed, develop a schedule and budget for the sub-team and present it to the Leadership Council. Keep the sub-team on schedule and within budget.  Notify the leadership council as soon as it becomes apparent that either of these may or will not be met.  Here are examples of a schedule and budget.
    • Schedule
      • 1 month for researching CNC Mill
      • 2 weeks for circulating the recommendation to the 971 team, collecting and incorporating 971 team feedback, and making a final recommendation
      • 1 week to obtain authorization for purchase and making the purchase
      • 2 months for delivery and making safety and training materials and seeking Leadership council approval for them
      • 2 weeks for installing and verifying operation of the new CNC Mill
    • Budget
      • $2,500 for CNC Mill
      • $1,000 for CNC Mill tools
  • Alert the Leadership Council if the sub-team leader is unable to fulfill these responsibilities or needs addition help or resources.
  • The best way to communicate with the Leadership Council is to send email to them at the email list.