Lathe Training

FRC Team 971 has a Precision Matthews PM-1127VF-LB lathe that we purchased from Quality Machine Tools in 2013.  Here is the manual for the lathe.  

Mentor Jay Critchfield is in charge of student and mentor training on the lathe.

FRC Team 971 has three levels of training for the lathe.

  1. General knowledge from the training manual and complete the open book test.  Completion of level 1 qualifies the team member for hands on training.  Hands on training will be done in groups of two team members at a time.  Contact Jay Critchfield for scheduling hands on training.
  2. Be able identify all the parts of the lathe, tool setup, basic DRO instruction, work holding, turning, facing and parting.  Discussion of workflow strategies, an introduction to power feeds and turning between centers.  Level 2 is completed with the production of two different spacers from drawings (spacer 1 and spacer 2).  After completing this training level, the team member is now allowed to make spacers and simple standoffs when partnered with a mentor or student who has completed level 2 or higher.
  3. Instruction on drilling, boring, grooving, additional DRO instruction, work flow for more complex parts, producing multiple of the same parts and strategies for holding tight tolerances.  Level 3 is completed with the production of a hex shaft with 2 different size bearing bosses, snap ring grooves and counter-bored at one end for a sensor from a drawing.  After completing this training level, the team member can now use and perform lathe tasks within the training levels, which covers most of the parts we produce, when partnered with a mentor or student who has completed level 2 or higher.

More advanced setups and parts such as modifying pulleys and gears will be handled as they come up with team members who have shown the aptitude and desire to tackle them.