How to Get Reimbursed

In order to receive reimbursement for your pre-approved team-related expenses, you have to fill out a copy of the MVHS reimbursement form.  Purchases are pre-approved by the Leadership Council or their designates.

How to Fill Out the Form

  1. Check the "Reimbursement" box.
  2. Fill in the date, payable to field and the mail to field.
  3. List the items purchased and their values (this includes sales tax and shipping charges).
  4. List the grand total.
  5. In the requested by field, write your name.
  6. In the club name section, write "Robotics Team" (leave the "account number" field blank).
  7. Attach your original receipt to the reimbursement form.
  8. Bring reimbursement form and all attached documents to the team Treasurer during any team meeting.

Aditional Information

Team purchase requests can be made by following the parts ordering procedure.