Below are important links into the FIRST organization for team registration and building robots.

Important Links

  • The FRC Resources page has a wealth of information.  There is a huge amount that can be learned from reading the material that can be found there.  Please take some time and read some of it.  Pick your favorite area and see how much you can learn about it
  • Bill's Blog has News direct from the Director of FRC at FIRST. It is updated once a week and sometimes more often.
  • As the 2011 Season ramps up, deadlines will be imminent so make sure you bookmark the FRC Season Calendar to keep track of important dates.
  • Need clarification about how STIMS, TIMS, the Consent & Release form, and applying for Awards all connect? Visit this page.
  • Did you or someone you know miss a Blog or an Email Blast? Not to worry; they’re all archived on our website here.
  • FRC Senior Mentor Teleconference Recordings.  About once a month, FRC has a teleconference that focuses on things like mentor orientation, Chairman's Award, Tips and Best Practices, controls system, and many more.

2012 Game Links

See the team resources page for the 2012 game links.

2011 Game Links

Go Teams!
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