2018 Software

Source code

The 2018 robot code is available for current team members to access and create during the season and then posted at the end of the season.

Here is a snapshot of our code as of 10pm PST on the day before kickoff.  If you grabbed this file between 8pm and 10pm, please redownload it.  We might update this before the 2019 kickoff so check back after kickoff to see if there is a more recent version.  List it with "tar -tzvf 2018_frc971_software_20190104.tar.gz" and expand it with "tar -xzvf 2018_frc971_software_20190104.tar.gz".  Here is a diff with some vision code that might use.  It is incomplete and does not work correctly.

Here is the software as of 2018-10-31 (Happy Halloween!). Expand it with `tar xf 2018_frc971_software_20181031.tar.gz`. It has been tested on Debian amd64 both Jessie and Stretch.