The Big Move

Starting this summer a new technology space will begin to be constructed at MVHS.

It will include space for the robotics team, engineering classes and computer science classes and we are really excited about this. There will be a shared machine shop with the Engineering class with all sorts of great features. We will finally be moving out of a portable building. The first step will be to demolish our current lab space. We have been in this room since the summer of 2013. Since we came home from Houston, we have been cleaning, sorting, getting rid of stuff we don't need and packing stuff into boxes. We will be moving to another portable classroom that is located near Truman Ave. This also means that we are dismantling our CNC router which was built inside our current space. It will be taken apart to fit through the doors.

For anyone who has been in our current lab space, it is the end of an era and the beginning of a new journey as a team. Current estimate is that will be in our new temporary space for two years. Much thanks to Mountain View High School and the Mountain View Los Altos School district for their support and faith in us.