Championship 2015


Well, the season is officially over and what a season it was.  


Every member of the 971 team and its sponsors can be proud of the accomplishments we had this season.  We had a great time in St. Louis and met a lot of great people and saw a lot of great robots.  Soon we will start our off-season meetings and projects to further develop our students’ and mentors’ skills.  It is important for us to keep moving forward to keep getting better and better.  By doing this, the students learn lots about robotics and how to succeed at large complicated multidisciplinary projects.  These are great life skills for all on the team.


The seventeen Spartan Robotics 971 students and 13 adults were great to travel with and a joy to be with at the competition.  Everyone was engaged and worked hard to field the robot and help the team be successful.  The students did a great job working with the judges as evidenced by our first ever Championship Judging award - the Excellence in Engineering Award.  The scouting team did a great job and definitely helped our team’s performance.  We ended up as #1 seed on the Carver Division which along with the judged award is better than the team has ever performed at the Championship level.

Again, a huge thanks goes out to our manufacturing and financial sponsors because without all of their generous support, we could not have built our robot or traveled to the Championship Event.  We are so lucky to have such strong support from MVHS and the MVLA School district.  Not all FRC teams have this.  Of course, we want to thank all of the students for being on the team, the mentors for the huge level of support they give the team, and the parents.


Now, let the offseason begin!