Sacramento Regional

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The Sacramento Regional is just a couple days away, this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, March 21st through 23rd. We first attended the Davis regional last year, 2012, where we won it with team 1678, the Citrus Circuits, who were first seed and then picked us and then team 3189, the Circuit Breakers. Team 1678 has already won the Central Valley Regional this year, and we expect the Sacramento Regional to be just as exciting this year as it was last year.

Although we do not know the exact match schedule yet (we probably will not know until Thursday or Friday of the regional itself), hopefully there will be a webcast that you can watch on The Blue Alliance, and should it pique your interest, there will also be multiple other FRC regionals going on around the country (and a couple in Canada). For the most up to date information on the regional, you can look on the FIRST Website. The overall regional schedule and agenda can be found here. On Thursday we will be working on getting the competition robot working and hopefully get in a few practice matches, and then on Friday we participate in qualification matches, which are random pairings of three team alliances, which produces a seeding rank based off of a team’s win-loss record; these matches continue through about noon on Saturday. We then go through a process of alliance selection, where the top eight seeded teams select 2 other teams to be on their alliance (the order of picking is such that teams 1 - 8 pick a first pick, and then team 8 - 1 pick. The top 8 teams can pick other top 8 teams. The main excitement will then be Saturday afternoon, with the elimination matches. Hopefully we will make it to the finals (and hopefully win), but either way, it is bound to be exciting, so if you can’t watch anything else, watch the elimination matches and especially the finals.