The Robot

After 6 weeks of hard work, and then another 4 weeks of work, we have now released our robot for the 2013 game, Ultimate Ascent.

All of our students and mentors worked extremely hard to get the most complicated robot that we have ever built designed, manufactured, and built within 6 weeks. Without the hard work of our students and mentors, the support of our parents, and the gracious support, donations, and manufacturing abilities of our sponsors, we could never have completed this machine.

The full specs are:


-Robot fits inside a 28"cube in starting configuration, and never goes above 27" tall unless climbing

-3 piece sheetmetal drive base

-6-CIM belt driven 6WD, 2-speed transmission (18/8 fps)

-Over 250 unique machined parts

-Wheel tread attached using our original zip-tie tread attachment method which is now used on AndyMark performance wheels.

Intake and Hopper:

-Full-width intake collects and actively funnels discs into the robot

-Can accept multiple discs at a time in any orientation without jamming

-Open-side rollers allow for effective capture area larger than the front of the robot

-Helix hopper keeps discs organized linearly and transports them to the shooter

-The entire disc collection process takes ~1 second from touching the front roller to loading into the shooter

Shooter and Loader:

-Single wheel curved shooter powered by two BB550s with wedgetop tread

-Infinitely adjustable angle from 15* to 55*, powered by a zero backlash cable drive

-Pneumatically loaded from the helix for consistent entry at any angle

-Rate of fire better than 1 disc every 3/4 seconds

Climber (not pictured):

-Pneumatically released, gas shock driven 10pt climb

-Cable powered lift with four support points guarantees level lift

-True buzzer-beater technology allows the lift actuation to trigger up to 3 seconds after the match ends

Software and Sensors:

-Sensors automatically index discs. The shooter is automatically loaded once 4 discs have been collected

-FitPC for fast vision processing

-Unit tests for all subsystems including simulations of all mechanisms to speed up development.

-Custom high-speed gyro board and wheel encoders for fast and controlled driving in autonomous and tele-op