Summer Update

971 at robonanza

Now that the summer has started, there have been meetings every Monday evening from 7:00 to 9:30 PM, open to all. At these meetings, people leading summer projects provide updates (the minutes of these minutes and the updates are sent out to the team google group), and people then break to work on whatever summer projects they wish. These meetings will continue to the end of the summer (August 13th is the start of school), and may or may not continue into the school year. Most likely, some such weekly meeting will remain, but Monday's are not necessarily the best for everyone, so stay tuned when the school year starts approaching.


Recap since St. Louis

Since St. Louis and the FRC World Championship, there have been several events of interest, recapped here:

May 28th & June 4th: On the 28th, the Gunn Robotics Team (GRT, FRC #192) visited us (971) at the lab to discuss, among other things, bumpers and to see our lab. We visited GRT on a reciprocal visit on the 4th. During the competition season, Gunn won the Cheasapeake regional and attended the national competition in St. Louis.

June 21st: The RoboNanza, at 971 sponsor Intuitive Surgical, was a gathering of all of the teams Intuitive Surgical sponsors. The picture at the head of this article is from the RoboNanza.

June 30th: NASA drive day; Despite initial technical difficulties (a bad hard drive on one of the main controllers for the robot), several hours were spent with 971 students (as well as a few mentors and parents) getting a chance to cycle through and practice driving the robot, both as the driver (the person who controls the physical position of the robot) and the manipulator (the person who controls the additional systems of the robot, such as the ball intake, or the shooter*). Everyone present got a chance to drive the robot at least once, if not several times. We get to use the FRC Field at NASA courtesy of team 254, the Cheesy Poofs, and 1868, the Space Cookies, who are NASA home teams.


Plans for the rest of the summer

Projects will continue, and when the school year starts, we hope to be able to begin training all the new members. Until then, there are some important and/or interesting dates to keep in mind:

July 20th - 21st: Indiana Robotics Invitational, or IRI, is an extremely prestigious off-season FRC event. Although we did receive an invitation, we declined due to lack of commitment. Should a webcast be publicized, this may be interesting to watch.

August 13th: Start of school. Also to be kept in mind is that the registration days are in the two weeks before hand and that band camp, an activity of the Marching Band's which takes away some people for an entire week, is the week before school starts.


*For more information on the 2012 FRC Game, go here. For more information on this year's robot, go here.