Sacramento Champions

On Saturday, team 971 won the Sacramento regional with the help of team 1678, the Citrus Circuits, and 3189, the Circuit Breakers. We had a great time, and we hope that everyone else did too. Team 1678, which was the first seeded team, selected us to be on their alliance and had a great autonomous mode and scoring abilities, while 3189 would tip the coopertition bridge towards our side during autonomous and then would play effective defense against the other alliance, allowing us to gain a greater lead. We would also like to thank team 1868, the Space Cookies, for allowing us to borrow a couple spare parts when we needed to quickly repair the robot and for letting our alliance borrow some of their batteries after they were eliminated.

Thank you to the mentors and sponsors who gave us the resources to build such a great robot, and we will be back at the Silicon Valley Regional (March 29 - 31) and the World Championship in St. Louis (April 26 - 28)