971's robot Renegade

971's 2012 robot, Renegade, will be competing at the Sacramento Regional in Davis Thursday, March 15th through Saturday, March 17th. The competition will be help in the UCD ARC, and you can watch the webcast on NASA's site team 1323's madstream or follow us on twitter for match results. You can find match schedules on FIRST's site, Thursday will be largely practice matches, so don't expect much excitement, and Friday will be qualification matches. Expect the most excitement on Saturday, when the elimination matches start after lunch.

Robot Specs:

-All new sheetmetal chassis with just 3 major parts, weighing only 12 lbs.

-Belt driven 6wd, 16/7 fps 2-speed transmission

-Over-bumper pickup and belt driven ball path. ~1 second from a ball touching the intake to the top of the shooter

-Intake doubles as bridge manipulator, capable of producing 120lbf at the end

-Hopper (not pictured) for collecting from the inbounder station and other robots

-Low bumpers to assist in pushing matches and prevent inadvertently driving over balls

-Pneumatically powered drop-down skids lift up the front of the robot for crossing the bump

-Low CoG, just 8" above the floor

-2-position hood for fender shooting and long distance shots

-Automatic ball indexing with banner sensors

-Several custom circuits including a FitPC for faster vision processing and code updates, a custom gyro board for high-speed gyro feedback

-Shooter wheel spinup from dead stop to shooting speed in 1/4 second with no overshoot

-Custom wheels which allow easy replacement of both the wheel and the tread