New members events and training

Working on the robot at NASA

Several weeks of school have passed, and we are already looking at recruitment for new members. Basic information for interested potential members can be found on this page.


Meeting Times

We meet Wednesdays at lunch and Wednesday evenings from 7:15 PM to 9:15 PM, all in room 521. To stay up to date on meeting times, sign up for the elist and watch the team calendar. Meeting times are subject to change should anything come up.

Note that we will not be meeting at lunch on Wednesday, September 5th because of Club Arena (we will all be out publicizing the team in the quad).

New members are more than welcome to come to the weekly meetings, to learn more and start to get involved.

Robotics Camp

On Sunday, September 16th, form 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM, there will be a "Robotics Camp," in room 112 at the school. The focus of the camp will be the training and informing of new members, with different training activities and information sessions. We strongly encourage that any interested new members come to the camp.

RSVP by filling out this Google form:

Club Arena

We will be at Club Arena, an event at lunch in the MVHS quad on Wednesday and Thursday, September 5th and 6th. We hope to get many more new members, as well as generally publicizing the team.

Team Progress in General

Beyond recruitment and new members, we have been making progress on more directly robot related projects.

A group of people have been working on bringing the practice robot back up to full functionality. A practice robot is a duplicate of the competition robot (which is what we compete with at the tournaments), but because the competition robot has to be bagged up and not touched in between the official competitions (this doesn't apply to off-season competitions like CalGames or Madera), we need a robot to practice on. However, after the championship in St. Louis, we never needed to have the practice robot functional, so it never got used and now needs some small repairs to get it functional. This provides both training for new members as well as making it so that we will be able to drive two robots at the Madera off-season event.

The code for both robots has been being cleaned up over the last month or two, to get it in a tidier, more functional state. We recently went to the NASA field to fully test the robot and make sure that everything worked (which it did).