Come see us at SVR

Team 971 balancing with alliance partners at Sacramento

We will be competing at the Silicon Valley Regional (SVR) on March 29th, 30th, and 31st. We encourage anyone and everyone to come and see us compete, especially on Saturday, at the San Jose State University event center (maps, directions, and parking). The event itself is free, so come and check it out. Thursday, the 29th, will just be practice rounds, so do not expect as much excitement, but qualification matches start on Friday, and run into the morning on Saturday. Saturday afternoon is the elimination matches, which should be the most interesting matches of the competition. If you can not make it to the competition, match results and standings are available on the FIRST website, and are updated as the competition progresses.YOu can watch a webcast of the regional on madstream, a service provided by team 1323 which brings together multiple regional webcasts. We are excited for SVR and we can't wait to compete with all the other teams at the event.

Update for Friday:

We have received the match schedule, and we will be competiting in the following matches. Keep in mind that matcehs will not always be exactly on time, so don't rely on the times for when to try and watch.

Match #1: 9:30AM, We will be on the red alliance.

Match #13: 10:42AM, still red.

Match #24: 11:48AM, still red.

Match #29: 1:44PM, blue.

Match #36: 2:33PM, blue.

Match #43: 3:22PM, blue.

Match #56: 4:45PM, blue.

Match #60: 5:09PM, red.

--End Thursday, Start Friday--

Match #75: 10:24AM, red.

Match #84: 11:18AM, blue, last qualification match.