Behind The Design

Behind the Design Cover

The good folks at FIRST Team 1718, The Fighting Pi, took the initiative to publish an online version of the "Behind the Design" series. We're cohosting a copy to help with their website bandwidth.

"In 2012, Team 1718 asked for and received authorization to attempt to produce a new 'Behind The Design' book. After searching for submissions and compiling the responses, the team realized that we didn't have enough material to put together a book that could do the previous Behind The Design books justice. So the team decided to take another route. Instead of a novel, the team decided to release the sections that were completed as a serial book: a new section would be released each week in December, leading up to the 2013 kickoff. Much of the information in this first release has been discussed elsewhere, so we considered this our "Beta Test". We hope you enjoy it."

Chapter 1:

Hot 67 logo

Local download link: Team 67 - HOT: Making Multipurpose a Mantra
Alternate download link ( Team 67 - HOT: Making Multipurpose a Mantra


Chapter 2:

Spartan Robotics 971

Local download link: Team 971 - Spartan Robotics: A Novel Take on an Intake
Alternate download link ( Team 971 - Spartan Robotics: A Novel Take on an Intake