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In August 2017, Team 971 hosted the Spartan Series so that we could share knowledge that the team has accumulated over the years.

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Thanks to Steve Silverman, Sean Doherty, and Lyndsey Dworkin for recording and editing the videos.

Megan Guttieri and Ginger Schmidt
Workshops Organizers

2017 Robot
Control System Modeling — Austin Schuh
Austin discusses many aspects of control system modeling including motor models and reading VexPro motor datasheets. He has the class follow along and work with him to model a simple elevator.
Video Link (47 minutes)
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2017 Robot
Test Driven Development — Austin Schuh
The focus of this class is test driven development. Austin uses test driven development to write code to control the elevator that was modeled in the first class and then uses that code to control the elevator on the 971 Third Robot from 2015.
Video Link (115 minutes)
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2014 Robot
Designing for Controllability — Travis Schuh
Travis discusses how to design FRC Robots with better control systems in mind. He covers the relationship between mechanisms, stiffness & backlash, motor selection, and sensors.
Video Link (90 minutes)
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2017 Robot
971's Sustainability Practices — Wyn Schuh and Finbarr Crispie
Wyn and Finbarr present 971's organizational structures, team values, and organizational values in an effort to help teams become more sustainable. Wyn and Finbarr manage 971's operations. Wyn is our lead mentor and a Woodie Flowers Award Finalist.
Video Link (51 minutes)
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2017 Robot
Intersection of Electronics, Programming, and Design — Brian Silverman
Brian's, 2013 971 Dean's List Finalist, presents on the relationship between electronics, code, and robot mechanisms, and how each aspect of a robot interfaces with others.
Video Link (49 minutes)
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2017 Robot
Strategy Techniques and Scouting Management — Jocelyn Baird
Jocelyn covered how to manage scouts in the stands, how to choose a team in alliance selections, and 971's best supporting scouting/strategy practices. Jocelyn was in charge of scouting on 971 from 2013-2014.
Video Link (52 minutes)
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2017 Robot
Building Your Team's Resume — Megan Guttieri and Ginger Schmidt
Megan and Ginger discuss how to place an FRC team's activities into a larger narrative. This will be useful for teams trying to create a better Chairman's submission, and teams looking to increase sponsor support.
No video available yet.
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2017 Robot
An Overview of 971's 2017 Robot — Ginger Schmidt and Adam Snaider
Ginger and Adam provide a technical overview of 971's design process in relation to the 2017 robot. Ginger and Adam provide an indepth look into the mechanical and programming aspects of 971's Steamworks Robot, named Fyn.
Video Link (51 minutes)
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2017 Robot
Being a Student Leader — Bahar Maghbouleh and Ginger Schmidt
Bahar and Ginger's presentation is about what it means as a student to get more involved with your team, how to pick up and manage projects, and how 971 utilizes student leadership.
Video Link (49 minutes)
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