Manufacturing Sponsors

In order to build our robot, the team needs all the parts which we design in CAD to be manufactured. We have approximately 150 unique parts which we can not easily manufacture ourselves (even if we could achieve the same level of accuracy in manufacturing as a manufacturing sponsor can, we do not currently have the space for the tools required to manufacture these parts), and we rely on the generosity of several extremely supportive manufacturing companies who manufacture many of our parts.

New and potential members

FRC Team 971 is a high school robotics team for current MVHS students. Students who will be attending MVHS in the fall may begin attending meetings starting in the summer.

This page contains information that should be useful to new or potential members.


"To be completely honest, I was kind of nervous when I first joined the robotics team. It soon became clear that I had no reason to worry. The team was very welcoming and by the time I had finished the training, I felt like I was already an integrated part of the team.”


Our sponsors are absolutely crucial to the success of our team. Each company we partner with provides us with tremendous support in the form of monetary donations or parts.


An overview of Spartan Robotics.


The process for getting fingerprinted so that you can supervise our team meetings is as follows:

How to Get Reimbursed

In order to receive reimbursement for your pre-approved team-related expenses, you have to fill out a copy of the MVHS reimbursement form.  Purchases are pre-approved by the Leadership Council or their designates.

Getting Involved

New Members

New and potential members, for more information check out our New Members page.  For steps on how to join the team, check out How to Join the Robotics Team.

During the Build Season

(January to April)


FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, is a fantastic program that gives students hands-on experience in engineering and technology. Students develop skills with machinery; generate ideas for solving difficult problems; produce results under time pressure; work together as a team; and learn “gracious professionalism” as they compete with teams from other schools.


A timeline of our team.