School Rally and GATE Outreach

Today was packed. We started off with demos in two school rallies. By the second one, we had mastered our act and, firing soccer balls in the air, we had the crowd cheering. For our finale, we made our robot push the goal back to the station to help with clean-up.

Finish to a Successful "Breakaway" Season

Spartan Robotics has once again come to the close of a very successful term. After strong performance at FRC Championships in Atlanta and continuing our undefeated streak at Silicon Valley Regional, we have a lot to be proud of. Our 24-5-0 record would, of course not have been possible without the tremendous effort from our supporters. We would like to thank our sponsors, mentors, and volunteers for making our "Breakaway" year a success, and we look forward to what we can accomplish in the future.

2010 Silicon Valley Regional Champions

Alliance Photo

After an intense build season in wake of this year's "Breakaway" challenge, Team 971 returned to SVR to maintain the title as undefeated champions. Due to the devotion of the drive team, pit crew, scouting group, our mentors, and those who came to cheer us on, we were successful. We are also grateful for our alliance partners, 254 and 649--what a team! In addition to being a regional champion, Team 971 received the "Coopertition Award," an award bestowed on basis of cooperative and friendly competition.

We are looking forward to FRC Championships in Atlanta!

Build Season: Week One

Tomorrow will mark the end of the first week of the 2010 build season. This week we have started prototyping and design work and had strategy discussions. The candy jar has already been emptied twice, and dedicated team members are staying until 9pm today, with some very nice parents providing food. We are well on our way to creating some new memories to be quoted throughout the year.


The 2010 FRC challenge Breakaway is out. You can watch the game animation video and see a short Game description PDF at for basic information. We had a long kickoff meeting today starting with the live broadcast of the Manchester Kickoff at 7am. By 10am most of the team was there with around 40 members and mentors. We watched the end of the kickoff with everyone and then broke into groups to discuss strategy.

Build Season Kickoff!

The new challenge is out! And it is (drumroll please)...Breakaway!

2010 Build Season Schedule

The meeting schedule for the 2010 season (Jan. 9th to Feb. 23rd) is as follows:

Saturday: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am to 5:00pm
Monday-Friday: 2:30pm to 5:00pm

Wednesday Leadership Meeting

This Wednesday, the 17th, there will be a leadership meeting in room 112 at lunch. Anyone can attend!

CAD Training and Lab Organization

This Sunday, there will be two meetings:

First, there will be CAD training from 12 to 3 in room 112, going over how to make models of sheet metal parts. Any available laptops with Solidworks on them should be brought to the meeting.

Then, from 1 to 4, there will be lab cleaning and organization. Please try to show show up for at least part of the time so we can make the lab accessible and neat. Depending on how much gets done, there will be further lab cleaning days in the future.

~Charlie S.

Monday's Leadership Meeting

Things discussed at the monday leadership meeting:

Implementation of new leadership:

- making a database to keep track of ongoing projects, leaders, and current status (possibly a google group?)

- having regular leadership meetings to check status and assign new tasks

current projects/tasks:

- new member training

-lab organization


potential new groups:

- outreach

- need a cantact person

- Los Altos is interested in more team contact becuse they are mostly sophmores/freshman this year