Computer Log for 2015-3

2017-03-02: DIMM #2 died and is in slot #3

I cleaned the DIMM contacts with alcohol and blew it off with compressed air.  I put it back in slott #3 and it worked fine.  Michael

2017-03-01: DIMM #2 died and is in slot #3

DIMM #2 died.  Brian and Michael tried reseating it and then moved it to slot 3.  The machine is booting without it.  The bad DIMM is 4096 MB DDR3/ECC/1066MHz.  The boot block date is 1/7/10.

Thre is one sticker on the RAM that says "7513805 GoldenRAM, 4GB, ID#23751HYNPRE1".  I looked around on the web and the best I could find is that it is a "4GB Server DIMM DDR3 PC10600(1333) UNBUF ECC 1.5v 2RX8 240P 512MX72 256mX8 CL9 8k".

Michael and Brian