What's New

We continue to make slow but steady progress on our Practice robot. However, we are somewhat hindered by a lack of manpower. This is why we need all team members to come out and help us, so we can finish this quickly and start programming and driver practice. This second robot is crucial to our season and it is important that we finish it soon. Your help is much appreciated!

The team will be demonstrating the 2011 Practice robot on Monday, March 14 at the school rally. This demonstration will consist of an introduction to our robot and a competition with some student volunteers. We hope to see everyone at this rally to help us raise enthusiasm for robotics in the lead-up to SVR.

After six weeks of creativity, challenge, and fun, Team 971 is proud to have completed their 2011 "Logomotion" robot, name TBD. The robot was bagged/tagged Tuesday night, after being worked on by the team programmers at the Poofs' Lab at NASA. Team 971 would like to extend our thanks to the many sponsors, parents, and mentors that made this robot possible. Currently, there is more work to do on building the practice bot and getting ready for competition in late March/April.

The team will be staying late tomorrow, Friday, in the lab to finish the robot in preparation for the Saturday and Sunday scrimmages. Work starts immediately after 6th period. We need help on many different projects, so please come!

For anyone who may have forgotten: Ship Date is next Tuesday, February 22nd.

We are in the final stages of assembling our robot! We have all our parts in and are working on putting everything together. Time is really crucial this week, since it is less than a week until Ship Day. Team members as well supervising mentors have been staying late all this week and making huge progress on the robot.

Every year, we patiently wait for the six weeks of robotics build season to come... and they're almost here!

Spartan Robotics provided numerous student volunteers for BAE's Toys for Tots event.

On a rainy Saturday, sporting our new robot name decal of "Storm," Spartan Robotics took the entire competition by storm.

Spartan Robotics will be competing at CalGames this coming Friday and Saturday. Everyone is encouraged to come, and admission is free. CalGames is a super-exciting way to jump-start your season!

Welcome to the team!

Last Wednesday's introduction (demo and lab tour) will be followed this week with another meeting.

When/where: This Wednesday, the 29th @ lunch in rm 112

If you have not already done so, make sure you are signed up for our e-list off of mvla.net so that you can get announcements directly. Also, if you have a friend who is interested, yet forgot/was busy last week, be sure to tell them to come.

See you there!