Computer Log for 2016-1

2016-10-09: System updated to Windows 10 and new SSD Installed.

System got a new Intel 540 Series SSD and was upgraded to Windows 10. We used Acronis True Image 2017 to make a full backup and recovery disk (CD) from FRC 2016-4 and restore to a partitioned drive. The System partition must be first and have a size of 500MB. The rest of the drive is for the main C drive. When using Acronis to restore from a recovery disk, be sure to be patient when selecting target partitions for the clone, as at some points it may seem that the computer has hung. 

The previous Windows 7 HDD failed in September and had to be replaced for the system to funtion properly.

Back in Prior to this failiure, the original HDD that came with machine failed back in June. (original 250 GB died 6/26/16 due to SMART Error)