Computer Log for 2011-5

Sysadmin Log

2011-01-22: SolidWorks Activation Issue - Resolved

Resolved by Maxwell Taylor by renaming C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet to C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet_old and reactivating. 

Email excerpt from Solidworks student support.


"From image, it shows error [8, 41013, 0].


This error can be given if older activation information is not removed from system.


In one instance, this was resolved by renaming the activation files on the machine manually. If the activations were previously transferred or do not exist,  Please rename the following folder: (rename it to Flexnet_old)



C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FLEXnet





Once done, try to re-activate again and the problem should be resolved (it may be required to activate twice if no licenses are shown on the first successful activation)."


2011-01-15:  SolidWorks failed to run - license problem

Someone was working with SolidWorks and it crashed on them.  Maxwell reinstalled it and still had problems with the activation.  The error message that came up as we tried to activate it is: "SolidWorks Standard ...\nCould not initiate the transaction (66,iActTransactionsStartFlxActivateApp()/flxActAppActivationReqCreate() errored [8, 41013,0])."  Maxwell is going to contact SolidWorks and see if it is a problem with to many keys in use.  Michael & Maxwell

Michael tried again and found another window with the message

This Student Edition has expired.

Please browse to the follwoing web location to find out about the new version of SolidWorks Student Edition: