2019 Software

Source code

The 2019 robot code is available for current team members to access and create during the season and then posted at the end of the season.

Here are the design documents for the 2019 FRC971 code.  971 is moving towards a flat-buffer based event loop model based on our leasons from the last 7 years.  Execution model documents the core abstraction that AOS provides and is the basis for everything else.  Channel documents the per-channel configuration and identification.  971 IPC primitive design doc file is a low level document describing how flatbuffers are safely moved between processes.

We are in the process of implementing the Logger and Parameter Service design docs.  Logger will be done before the season starts, and we hope the Parameter Service will be done soon after.

There are three code releases at this time.  We have the competition season code with some post-season modifications.  We also have a snapshot of the new event loop branch (updated Nov 14, 2019).  The latest snapshot is fully ported to the new event loops (updated Dec 29, 2019).  In our final snapshot for the 2019 season (posted on January 3, 2020), we have started adding multi-node support and some more tooling around working with log files.  Future releases will be posted on our 2020 Software page.